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Identity refresh for tech hosting experts

Bytemark brandmark


Bytemark has been taking the headache out of web hosting and infrastructure maintenance for businesses of all kinds since 2002. 

With a head office in York and subsidiaries in London and Manchester, their services include cloud storage and a fully-managed Kubernetes platform.

Working at the leading edge of tech often means keeping solutions up-to-date ahead of your own brand identity. 

And this is where Bytemark found themselves. Offering best-in-class services with over 15 years’ experience – but needing a new trail-blazing way to illustrate and talk about it.

With big names like Amazon Web Service, Netlify and Digital Ocean beginning to dominate the market, now felt like a really sensible time for a re-think.

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Our Approach

We set about creating a new brand identity that felt fresh and modern, while accurately reflecting Bytemark’s depth of experience.

We worked with the client to define a new colour palette featuring a gold and bright turquoise. These nod to both the brand’s maturity and their freshness of thinking.  

We then created a grid visual for texture and to reflect the tech industry in which they work, and added a new complementary typography style.

Finally we looked at their brand mark. This resulted in the creation of a new logo that is strong, modern and singular. And one which combines their brand name and the two core elements of their business.

The new visual identity was then rolled out across digital, print and merchandise. 


Brand Identity, Brand Guidelines, Collateral Design


Web Hosting

Bytemark branded tote bag

‘The results at the end of the project surpassed our expectations. The final design hit the mark on so many levels by being fresh and different, while still staying true to the core of our brand. Not only do you get access to amazing creative talent, but they also actually take the time to understand your business and goals.’

Bethan Vincent, Bytemark
Examples of Bytemark messaging and web design
Bytemark branded notebooks
Bytemark branded t-shirt
Bytemark billboard advertisement

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