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Elevating non-alcoholic sparkling drinks

Bemuse raspberry mead bottle render

Bemuse Drinks

A modern re-imagining of ancient mead. A naturally fermented effervescent drink with nuanced flavours and a crisp, dry finish. 

Following the development of a range of their drinks in cans, we were asked by the Bemuse team to develop Rosé and Brut label packaging that elevated the drinks to bottles. 

We supported the team on research, design development, creative mock ups and 3D product renders to ensure the new bottles would sit comfortably alongside premium wines, Proseccos and Champagne as well as catching the eye of consumers who want to purchase an interesting and flavourful non-alcohol alternative. 

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The motivation and focus for the Bemuse team is to position an extension of the canned drinks to appeal to restaurants as an alternative drink to wine and for home consumption, to share when entertaining or as a non-alcoholic alternative.

Since the launch of the bottles to market we are now developing a wider range of flavours to accompany the original two.  

Inspired by mother nature, Bemuse take the same pure ingredients used by our ancestors – honey, water, yeast and natural flavour infusions – and re-crafted the drink for modern tastes. Honey has been considered a ‘gift from the gods’ since ancient times for its unique and delicious flavour and health properties.

Taking inspiration from traditional mead recipes, Bemuse infuse hops, herbs, flowers and spices, then harmonise the flavours with different artisan honeys, each carefully selected for its distinctive taste and aroma. In the same way wine tastes different depending on the grape and terroir, honey has a unique character depending on the flower nectar bees collect. Information about the type of honey used is included on the product label showcasing the best of British ingredients with every sip.


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Bemuse Wild Raspberry bottle close up photo
Bemuse original brut close up photo
Bemuse close up of non alcoholic mead bottles
Bemuse both flavours in a studio photoshoot

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